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Providing Warm-Hearted Funding and Resources for Transition Houses to Protect Pets and Their People During Crisis


Support for Pets & People

Warm Hearts Pet Safe Havens is a non-profit charitable association working to help transition houses shelter animal companions in British Columbia.

Our Mission

To provide support to individuals residing in British Columbia who are leaving domestic violence situations by providing financial assistance:

  • To help cover the cost of boarding their pets in the community
  • To support the development of animal sheltering infrastructure within transition homes
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Our Goal

To begin the journey towards every transition house being able to provide safe shelter by:

  • Co-housing pets and their people at the transition house where they can cuddle every day and every night, or
  • Sheltering them in the community at veterinary facilities, kennels, or foster homes

Some transition houses in British Columbia welcome pets while others do not. Sheltering of farm animals is even more rare. If you are a transition home in need of financial assistance to help pets get sheltering, visit the Grants page.

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Who We Are

Warm Hearts Pet Safe Havens Association is a group of human and animal service professionals who value their lives with their animal companions. We have experienced what it's like to be separated from them and have seen how they react when they are left alone. Research has demonstrated that survivors of domestic violence (DV) often feel they must stay in the abusive situation out of fear for not only themselves but also for their animal companions.

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Difficult Decisions

There are three main reasons survivors of domestic violence often delay leaving:

  • They are afraid for the welfare of their pet if left behind
  • They feel responsible for ensuring their pet remains safe
  • They are unaware of possible sheltering options for their pet

Our animal companions become members of our family, and leaving without them is often not an option – sometimes at our own expense.  We want to help people start new, safe lives with their pets.

“Animals suffer as much as we do…
Until we extend our circle of compassion to all living things, humanity will not find peace.”

Albert Schweitzer