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Warm Hearts offers both on-site and off-site grants for transition houses to help keep domestic violence survivors and their pets together and safe.

Set Up For Success

Warm Hearts Pet Safe Havens offers grants to help transition houses rehome survivors with their pets and to facilitate the building of infrastructure for pet housing.

Keeping domestic violence survivors and their pets together after leaving a DV situation has been proven to be extremely beneficial for both the survivor and their animal.  It’s also been done successfully elsewhere for decades. For example, Red Rover (an organization in the USA) has been providing funding for pet-friendly housing to transition homes since 1987.

In collaboration with BC Housing and BC Transition Houses Society, Warm Hearts Pet Safe Havens supports the rehoming of animal companions at transition houses. If that is not an option, pets may be cared for at animal shelters or veterinary clinics in the community.

Types of Grants

Warm Hearts Pet Safe Havens provides both on-site and off-site grants:

  • On-site grants enable transition homes to create or develop space for pets to live on-site with their owner. Funding will cover building materials and supplies to create co-sheltering for pets

Two off-site grants are available:

  • To enable transition homes to purchase boarding time at a veterinary clinic, pet boarding facility, or animal shelter
  • To provide funding to create a shelter for animals (that may include farm animals) from DV situations

More details on safe housing options are described on the SAF-T website. This manual will be made available to interested transition homes across BC.

How To Apply

There will be two grant cycles per year. Applying for funding is a two-step process: 


  • Expression of interest
  • Grant application

Expression of Interest

Warm Hearts invites transition homes to submit an expression of interest. Available funding is limited. Therefore, selections will be made based on the most suitable expressions of interest.

Contact Us

Grant Applications

Selected expressions of interest will be asked to submit a more detailed application. Questions regarding the application process may be directed to 250-382-3447. Suitability will be based upon the guidelines available in the SAF-T manual. Successful applicants will be required to provide documentation of how the funds have been used (such as a report and photos or video tour of the facility before and after project completion).